Manual pre-treatment

It is intended for pre-treatment of large work pieces whose dimensions exceed the pre-treatment in tunnel devices or baths. The pre-treatment procedure is as a rule carried out in closed chambers which provide the extraction of vapour generated during the treatment. Waste water generated during the treatment can be regenerated and reused in the degreasing treatment.

Bath immersion pre-treatment

It is used for pre-treatment of work pieces with several hard-to-reach parts and various openings, profiles, dead angles, etc. Due to its excellent anti-corrosive protection for hard-to-reach places, this method is very frequently used in the automotive industry. It is also excellent for the pre-treatment of long work pieces (profiles) as it takes up little room.

Spray tunnel pre-treatment

It is used for the pre-treatment of work pieces with no enclosed areas - the entire surface of the work piece is exposed to the agent spraying. It enables high capacity at low operating cost. The cost is reduced due to the additional effect of spray kinetic energy which decreases the pre-treatment time as well as the bath concentration and temperature.