Automotive industry and automotive parts industry are driving forces in the field of metallurgical sector. Manufacture of personal vehicles represents the biggest segment, while the production of commercial, specialised vehicles represents smaller, but still important segment of the automotive industry. Growing competition, especially in the field of smaller middle class vehicles, is also reflected in the organisation of production of automotive parts, as individual automotive corporate groups manufacture on their own in average 20 % of automotive components or parts, the remaining 80 % being manufactured by specialised suppliers.

Automotive industry is characterised especially by:

  • Usage of large quantities of various coatings;
  • Special requirements and regulations regarding the environmental protection and the usage of large quantities of coatings;
  • Demand for high quality coating surfaces;
  • Efficient surface protection of car bodies;
  • Reliable technological equipment for surface protection;
  • Consideration of internal technical standards of individual automotive corporate groups regarding the easy to maintain and replace requirements.

The company SOP - INTERNATIONAL has rich experience and knowledge in the following fields of automotive industry and automotive parts industry:

  • Cataphoretic coating;
  • Car body coating;
  • Technological process of application of wax into the hollow parts of car bodies;
  • Vehicle bottom protection and outer conservation of vehicles;
  • Technological equipment for repair of damaged vehicles;
  • Transport devices for transportation of car bodies or vehicles.