Technological equipment intended for surface protection of household appliances, as well as for surface protection of parts to be installed into such appliances, is distinct for high level of automation of the surface protection process.

Systems for surface protection of household appliances are distinct for large surface protection areas and a great number of products to be treated. High level of automation contributes to lower costs of production and to competitiveness of a product.

Surface protection of household appliances is normally done with powder coatings which are environmentally friendly.

The company uses all known and in practise established technologies for the pre-treatment and surface preparation processes.

Application of powder coatings is done automatically; however, when necessary, the application can be done manually as well.

Our devices are equipped with energy saving units, systems for purification of waste waters, and devices for preparation of process water according to the process requirements.

Conveyor systems connecting individual process units into a whole are designed in a way to reduce the need for internal transportation to minimum.