Optimized and effective tailor-made solutions!

  • Do you wish to ensure an excellent resistance of your products against mechanical, chemical and atmospheric effects?
  • Do you wish to cooperate with an experienced business partner, who listens to you attentively, who knows how to adapt to your specific demands and who manufactures technological equipment shaped to your specific needs?

Based on experience and extensive knowledge of technologies, the company SOP - INTERNATIONAL offers environmentally friendly solutions designed to meet specified technological requirements.



The main purpose of surface protection is to improve work piece's resistance against mechanical, chemical and atmospheric effects, simultaneously improving the visual attractiveness of the final product. The biggest enemy of metal is corrosion, which makes the workpiece visually non-aesthetic, and can, in time, completely destruct the product and thus make it useless. In order to achieve the final appearance and desired characteristics of the work piece, it has to go through several processes which comprise a coating line. Coating lines are as a rule very diverse, as they are designed to meet specific requirements of a customer.

Nevertheless, each line can be divided into the following units:

  • Pre-treatment (manual high-pressure degreasing machines, bath immersion pre-treatment, spray tunnel pre-treatment);
  • Coating (wet spraying, powder coating, electrophoretic coating);
  • Drying (convective drying, infra-red or ultraviolet heater drying).

We manufacture technological equipment for powder, wet or cataphoretic coating surface protection.