Excellent, effective, and environmentally-friendly surface protection.

  • Would you like to have a coating line, which is designed to meet your specific demands and at the same time optimize the cots?
  • Do you feel that quality, attractive appearance and environmentally-friendly surface protection are all characteristics that play an important role when it comes to your final product?

Based on experience and extensive knowledge of technologies, the company SOP - INTERNATIONAL offers environmentally friendly solutions designed to meet specified technological requirements.

Equipment for surface protection of plastic material is in many respects similar to that for metal painting. However, when plastic items are coated, the composition of a specific work piece must be known in detail as this will decide the pre-treatment, the choice of paint, drying temperature and other parameters.

In spite of numerous types of material, there are some typical factors which affect the final result of the paining and these should always be followed. For instance, interventions due to electricity are often required, and are most frequently overcome by ionized air blowing. Plastic materials are also more heat sensitive; therefore, the drying temperature is as a rule lower than for metal.