MODERN and ECOLOGICAL drying ovens and coating lines adapted to the needs of wood industry!

  • Would you like to possess a drying oven which excellently preserves all basic mechanical, as well as aesthetic characteristics of wood, and has at the same time a decisive contribution when it comes to product quality?
  • Do you appreciate a business partner with rich experience and knowledge of technologies, who knows how to adapt to your specific requirements?

Based on experience and extensive knowledge of technologies, the company SOP - INTERNATIONAL offers environmentally friendly solutions designed to meet specified technological requirements.

Drying of wood

Drying of wood is one of the most demanding phases in the performance of wood processing. Properly dried wood retains all mechanical and aesthetic properties characteristic for individual types of wood. It also vitally affects the quality of the final product.

Therefore drying wood in controlled conditions has become a must. Nowadays there are three basic wood drying methods: convection, vacuum and condensation drying. The choice of method depends on the quality and type of wood, and the purpose for which the wood is to be dried. The most commonly used are convection drying plants as these are used in at least 90% of cases. Energy production from wood waste, used for drying plant heating, by itself dictates the choice of method in favour of the convection method of wood drying.

Varnishing of furniture

The basic purpose of varnishing furniture, furniture parts or prefabricated elements is twofold. First, with a properly selected and correctly applied finishing material, the wood is protected. This is particularly important for construction furniture and for elements, which are exposed to humidity, sun and different weather conditions. The second aim achieved with varnishing is aesthetic appearance. An appropriate selection of varnish, pigments and harmony of colours make the furniture attractive and pleasant.

The process of varnish coating is connected with a considerable amount of energy consumption for heating. For this reason special systems for heat energy recovery are built into the equipment.

Equipment used for coating, such as varnishing booths or chambers is microclimatic conditioned which enables the use of the most demanding varnishes. In addition the equipment fully complies with all legal regulations regarded emissions into the air (including vapours and solid particles).